Best Practice


CCU (Call Centre Universe) is part of a global group that delivers multi-channel core customer contact, alongside technical support, voice and non-voice application services.

Global outsourcing experts for customised outsourcing solutions, designed for your business and your customers needs, it’s management comprises of international leaders from around the globe, boasting 100 years of experience.  Our guarantee is to offer premium services within the international outsourcing and offshoring industry, with a proven consistent approach and expert solutions at the same time giving the most cost effective benefit to our clients.

The market is competitive, fast paced and ever changing so the need to adapt quickly is key, which is where we excel.


We are proactive with our clients who face major challenges from cost variations, this demands taking solutions to market at speed.


Market trends show the BPO model is now one of the top strategies used by organisations to meet their goals, CCU understands this market we are positioned to drive your business forward and provide you with the
strategic direction and add value to your organisation.